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21.2. 2015 Roger Ballen

Roger Ballen

Roger Ballen's Shadowland 1982-2014

3rd of February - 16th of March 2015

Kafka's House, Náměstí Fr.Kafky 3, Praha 1

Admission: 150 Czk adults full, 80 Czk reduced

Czech Center for photography, o.p.s. hosting the exhibition of one of the most influential and important artists of the 21st century. century, the American photographer Roger Ballena. The project represents the author’s original photos by 191 creation for the last almost forty years. His unusual, however distinctive and provocative work, encourage the Viewer to be issued with them on a journey into the world of the artist’s imagination and probing the deeper recesses of his own mind.
Roger Ballen was born in New York City in 1950, but more than 30 years living and working in South Africa. His profession a geologist named him from big city out into nature. Here through your camera appears the untold world small South African cities. At first sees the empty Street in the glare of the midday sun, but once the door knocks on people discovering the world inside these houses, which in the future will have a profound influence on his work. These interiors, decorated with bizarre objects, are the guides for traveling in these closed worlds. Since 1994, already more tends to the countryside, to their new recommendations and discovers that his real home becomes Johannesburg.
For the past thirty years his distinctive photographic style has evolved considerably. Using a simple square format, in stark contrast of black and white, emphasizes his photographic ink. In the earlier stages of creation, which comes from the tradition of documentary photography, his style is rather a kind of “documentary fiction.” After the year 2000 for the first time in his photographs appear the people living on the outskirts of the South African society. They increasingly are becoming rather cooperating actors, than mere objects of his creation. Each of the stages of its creation are linked by a common theme, and at the same time still bring a new and fresh perspective on the world. In a total of nine cycles of his work is recorded the evolution of his photographic work. The first is a comprehensive set of four years traveling throughout America, Europe, and Asia during the 70 's. years of the last century. Of the more than 15,000 photographs, as documentation of life of children of our planet in their natural environment is created “Boyhood”.
The first half of the 80. years of the last century is closed book “Dorps.” This cycle is the synthesis of knowledge of the Southern African region, the process of finding a unique, often “forgotten God” posts of this continent. There is a file that documents and preserves the unique manner for the next generation of Muslims terrorizing Christian girls magic corners of Africa.
The 1990s are marked by a cycle of “Platteland”. This time enter the greater man. In its natural environment, often in their poverty, and despite the favoritism to the white minority in South Africa. This file is very reminiscent of the project “Czech man” by Lutterera, Poláček and little of the eighties. They differ only related to a specific environment. The project “Outland” at the end of the last century, assesses the twenty years of photographic work of the author. At the beginning of the new millennium is a “Hall of shadows” (Shadow Chamber). “Pension” (Boarding House) introduces the Viewer to the closest intimate world of places where people live. “Animal Abstraction” exhibition Project Gallery, Alex Daniel – Reflex in Amsterdam, addresses the relations of man and animal, which create a mysterious images of their integration. “Bird sanctuary” (the Asylum of the Birds) is the last published project. This time dedicated to birds and people living with them. A special, instead of wondering “I Fink U Krauts”, photos taken in the implementation of the movie Die Antwoord, which saw on Youtube already 60 000 000 viewers.
The Prague exhibition titled “Roger Ballen's Shadowland 1982-2014” is a retrospective exhibition, which has been on display in many cities of Europe and his most recent project. Is a cross-section of his lifelong work and one of the most representative selections of his photos.
Ballen's artistic creation, on the one hand, provoking, on the other hand soothing. The pediment of the us from a world of constant hustle and bustle and return us back to ourselves, to the world of living creatures. His photographs are not easy to understand, but it is almost impossible not to love about them.

Dresie and Casie, Twins, Western Transvaal, Platteland, 1993.

Tommy, Samson and a Mask, Outland, 2000

Factory worker holding portrait of grandfather, Outland, 1996.

Untitled (doll taped to wall), Outland, 1996.

Boy with guns, Platteland, 1986.

Man shaving on verandah, Platteland, 1986.

Partytime, Outland, 1998.

Brian with Pet Pig, Outland, 1998.

Cat catcher, Outland, 1998.

Elias Coming Out From Under John's Bed, Outland, 1998

Hanging Pig, Shadow Chamber, 2001

Head inside shirt, Shadow Chamber, 2001

Loner, Shadow Chamber, 2001

Bent Back, Shadow Chamber, 2001.

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21.2.2015 Dalibor Chatrný

Dalibor Chatrný

Seeing the world otherwise

30.1.2014 - 26.4.2015

Stone Bell House

Old Town Square 13, Praha 1

Tue-Sun: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m., Sat: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Admission: 120 CZK Full, 60 CZK reduced  (100 CZK Opencard)

A retrospective of Dalibor Chatrný, laid out in several sections, each corresponding to a particular “circle” of the artist’s creative endeavour. From the mid-1960s, he came to draw on the potential offered by the graphic grid. Applying the method of perforation, he presented his own vision of natural processes. His projects dating from the early 1970s were focused on the various relations between artist and environment. Using strings and cords, he dealt with interconnections between elements, and he explored connotations between reality and shadow. He worked with the energy of magnets, as well as with the effect of reflection and mirror image. He found a medium for experimentation in the quality of colour. He drew and painted with both hands simultaneously. In the second half of the 1980s, he explored the method of dyeing and soaking textile fabrics. During the same period he also experimented with obstructed drawing. An extensive chapter of his oeuvre is constituted by compositions of textual elements.

About Complementary Colors, 1973

Additions, 1974

Manipulation with Plane, 1980

Manipulation with Plane, 1980

A deux mains - irrepeatibility, 1987

Cross; Untitled; Curves, 1985-1987

Pastels, 1997

Drawing with Obstacles, 1992


Frame I; Frame II, 1966-68

Traces, 1973

Untitled 1970

Magnetic Case, 1972

Drawings with Iron Fillings and Magnet, 1992

Hand and Magnet; Magnets between teeth, 1973

Loops - Shadows, 1975

Untitled, 1970

Cube, 1971-76

Cube, 1971-76

Photograph interpreted by turning, 1976

Photograph interpreted by incision, 1977

Mirrors in Landscape, 1974

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21.2.2015 Martin Krajc

Martin Krajc

Welcome to Paradise

11.2.2015 - 19.3.2015

dvorak sec contemporary

Dlouhá 5, Praha 1

Mon-Fri: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sat: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Admission: free

Girl with a Mirror Bubble Glass, 2014-15

Girl with a Pink Bubble Glass, 2014-15

Paradise, 2014-15

Puta, 2014-15

Chanel, 2014-15

Welcome to Paradise, 2014-15

You Can Buy Me, 2012

Money King, 2014

16.2.2015 In the studio of Evžen Šimera

Evžen Šimera

In the studio

Bubenská 1,  Praha 7